Sunday, April 19, 2009

Andrea's Bachelorette Party

Our friend Scott, that we have known since grade school, has found an amazing girl to spend the rest of his life with!! They are getting married on May 30th, and their bachelor/bachelorette parties were this weekend.

The guys all went to Austin for the weekend, but the girls just did a one-nighter in Dallas on Saturday night. We had such a good time!

I am so happy for Scott and Andrea and I am so excited she is going to be a part of our big "family" of friends!

Andrea in her veil...looking gorgeous as usual! Heather, her sister, and Andrea
Silvana, Me, Czarina, and Mel
Cristal, Andrea, Annie, Silvana, Me, Czarina, and Mel...all the "D'ville" girls with the bride!
Opening one of her lingerie gifts
Of course, we had to take some self-portraits!
We're pretty cute, huh?!!?

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