Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Parker's 4th Birthday Carnival

You all know how much I love pictures, so I'm just warning you that this post has a LOT of them!! I wish I would have gotten more of them so I had one of everyone, but I was too busy running around to take hundreds of pictures.

The party was a BLAST! The kids had the best time playing in the bounce house and running around acting crazy. I was so happy to see them all having such a great time! The adults were having fun too, so I think it was an overall success!

Along with the bounce house, we ordered a cotton candy machine, and it was a hit! I think we ended up going through almost all of the sugar and it's enough for 50 cones. That's a LOT of cotton candy! We had hot dogs, nachos, cupcakes, peanuts, pickles, circus peanuts, confetti popcorn, and all the fixings that go along with all of that. There was a good amount of food and by the time we ended up cleaning that evening, almost all of it was gone! That's a good thing, because I didn't want a bunch of stuff leftover.

I also had a ton of bubbles for the kids and they enjoyed getting the adults to blow bubbles so they could chase them. My MIL did face painting for the kids who wanted it and they all looked so cute running around with smeared make-up all over their faces! Parker wanted it done, but didn't like it once it was on his face, so he tried to rub it off with the sponge. His make-up looked hilarious!

We had 10 kids in attendance and 30-40 adults, so it was a great turn-out. Unfortunately several of our friends weren't able to come for different reasons, and they were missed, but I wanted to say "Thank You" to all of those that were able to come!! I know Parker had the BEST time and I hope it's a day he will always remember! I know I will!

Chloe and Brian jumping!Claire taking a break to eat
Nona painting Trevor's clown face
Parker's smeared make-up...can you tell he wanted it off?
Alli made him the cutest shirt to wear for his party! Here's a close-up.
Cade LOVED the cotton candy!
When Kate found out about Parker's shirt, she decided to make one for herself to wear to the party. If you can't tell, it says, "Peanut's Aunt"!This is Chris, Kate's boyfriend, and he wanted a shirt too! His says "Peanut's Aunt's Man"!
Don't know about y'all, but I LOVED the shirts!!
Claire and Peyton taking turns sliding down the exit of the bounce house!
I think Parker could have eaten 10 sticks of cotton candy if we would have let him! He loved it!
Aunt May and Karsyn...isn't she a doll?!?!
Annie and Carter
Claire jumping around
Trey didn't want his whole face painted, so he got a moustache!
Trevor looked SOOO adorable!!
Claire wanted ALL the sweets at once!
May May having a good time!
Wendy and Karsyn...look at those beautiful eyes!!
Adam's step-mom, aka Nanny, chomping on a circus peanut!
Cutie Carter Man!
His make-up cracks me up!!
Bitty wanted to get painted too! She got a heart and a flower.
The trio in their t-shirts!
Emily, aka Auntie Em, just hangin' out lookin' cute!!
Parker opening his gifts!
Aunt May got him a Diego backpack with wheels!
He LOVED his swords!
So did Bitty! They have already been in several fights over these things...and with them!
Cade liked them too! I love this picture!
Peyton LOVES pickles!!
Aunt May, Granna, and Nona all sat together to watch the Parker video. They were so precious sitting over there crying and "oohing and ahhing" together!
I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!!


Ashley said...

Wow! Looks like the party was a success! I am so sad we didn't get to come...turns out we could've since I didn't go into labor (dang it!), but I'm glad we didn't take any chances. I loved looking at all of the pictures. I can't wait to show Landon. He LOVES looking at pictures of his friends!

Melody said...

We had a blast at the party! There are probably no pictures of Jonah because he never stopped moving!