Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sleepy Girl

When we went to Hachie this week, Bitty decided she wanted to sleep in Granna and Grumps' bed, instead of her crib. Parker has slept with them since he was teeny tiny, but Peyton has never been one to want to sleep anywhere other than her crib, until recently.

The only person that was ready to go to bed other than Peyton was Grumps, so he went to bed with her. Of course, she had to take her milk and blanket, but she also wanted to take one of her books.

Dad said that she talked for awhile and it took her a bit to calm down. He said that once she calmed down, she grabbed her book to "read", and was out within 30 seconds of opening it.

I went in there to check on her a little later, and this is what I saw. So precious!!

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