Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bitty's Boo-Boo

Yesterday evening, Peyton fell off of her tricycle, face first onto the concrete. Last night it was really red, but it didn't look like it had broken the skin. This morning though, when she woke up, half of her nose looked like Rudolph! She has a couple of little spots on her cheek and chin, but her nose got it the worst.

When I looked at it closely this morning, it looked as though it was just going to be bright red, but not scab over. Well, I was wrong! A little later, out of nowhere, it started gushing blood. So, I guess she is going to have a huge scab on her nose just in time for Easter! Bless her heart!

She was cracking me up while I was trying to take pictures of her!She had to put on her "lipstick"
No clue what she's doing here!
She's still precious, even if she does look like Rudolph!
Poor baby girl!
"Are you done yet?!?!"

We are going to the zoo tomorrow, so hopefully I will get lots of good pictures! Hope you are all having a great week!


Kate said...

You're going to the zoo without me!!!??

The Forrest Family said...

Poor girl! Hopefully it will heal quickly. She is too cute :)

Michelle said...

Ouch! That doesn't look fun! What a memory she will have for her Easter pics!

Aunt May said...

Our poor bitty. What a boo-boo! I bet Parker was upset too. He doesn't like his Peyton crying. May May