Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Decorating Eggs

On Friday after we left the mall, we went over to Nona's house. Adam met us over there when he got off of work and we went to the park. We stayed for a delicious dinner, and after bath time, we dyed eggs with the kids.

Bitty wasn't that in to it; she wanted to drop a couple of eggs in the dye and she was done. She was more concerned about eating them!

Parker, on the other hand, was thrilled to be dying Easter eggs!! He was SO excited and had a blast! Adam did too; he's just a big kid when it comes to stuff like that!

Peyton salting her egg

Yummy! Putting the eggs in the dye Peyton did a couple too
All dyed and ready to decorate
Adam discovered that the dye wiped off, so he made a "Wilson" egg
This was my favorite egg
Using the "car" kit to decorate
LOVE this picture!
Parker's "taski"
So fun!
Parker's helicopter
No clue what this is! Can you see all the glue?
This is one of Adam's eggs
It's hard to tell in this picture, but his head was covered in Elmer's!
He used half a bottle of glue
It was everywhere!
He's trying to clean up his mess
He had to add a big glob of glue to Adam's space shuttle before it could be complete
This is the funniest egg of all!
There was so much glue on it, it was still wet on Easter morning, 2 days later!
All of their creations
Parker was SO proud!
"Seriously mom?!?!"

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Michelle said...

That is so super cute! I love that decorating kit! Brody was so obsessed with dying the eggs...very concentrated!