Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scott & Andrea's Couples Shower

Last night, Adam and I attended a couple's shower for Scott and Andrea. It was in Ft. Worth, at her brother's house, hosted by her bridesmaids. The shower was a great success! There were a lot of people in attendance and there was a LOT of delicious food!! I ate so much that I felt sick the entire way home!

Scott and Andrea received SO many wonderful gifts! Although it was a couple's shower, where there can also be gifts for the groom, almost all of the gifts were for their home and kitchen. Scott did receive some tools, a shop vac, and an air compressor though, so I think he was pretty happy.

Scott had also registered for some Dallas Cowboy's stuff at Target. Since he and Brian always get season tickets to the Cowboy games, Brian and Alli bought him all of the Cowboy's gear as his gift. I think he was pretty excited!

All of our guys are just as crazy as Adam, so you can imagine how it is when we all get together. They have a blast and there are always tons of inside jokes that only they can comprehend! Half the time I don't even know what they're laughing about, but when they're all laughing hysterically, it is so contagious, that I end up laughing right along with them! For all I know, they could be making fun of me, but it wouldn't make it any less hilarious!!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun with our friends and it was great to see Scott and Andrea get so many nice things to start their new home with.

Can you tell that Scott wasn't that excited about opening gifts? He liked it better though when he received some stuff for himself!
The happy couple!!
Czarina and Craig
Me and Alli...she is barely pregnant with her third baby...I am SO excited!!
Craig, Pete, Adam, Scott, Steve...all friends for over 15 years...some since grade school!
Me and Mel
Me and the preggos...Czarina and Silvana...aren't they glowing?!?!
The group!

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