Sunday, April 19, 2009

Peyton's Panties - well, kind of!

On Friday morning, Peyton was "helping" Mom with the laundry, and decided her way of helping was to put on Granna's panties! Mom hollered at me to grab the camera and come in the laundry room. Peyton was SO proud of herself! She kept those panties on until her nap that afternoon. Every time we would change her diaper, she would make us put them back on her. It was hilarious!!

How funny is this?!!? Her bo-bo!
Sitting in Granna's lap
Do you think she was proud?!?!

Later on that morning, she wanted to put on her brother's shoes too! This picture is really bad quality because I took it with my phone. This little girl always keeps us laughing!!


Michelle said...

That is greatness! I have been waiting on this!

Melody said...