Thursday, July 17, 2008

Building a Truck with a Broken Arm

Parker did a lot during our weekly trip to Hachie. Yesterday afternoon he was playing hide-n-seek with my parents and cut his arm on one of their vents. For some strange reason, their take-in vents, where you put the filters, are on the walls, right above the molding. Anyway, he cut his arm on the open/close switch. He comes running to me in hysterics, yelling "Mama, I broke my arm!" Granted, it was bleeding pretty badly when it first happened, and I know it had to of hurt, but it definitely was not broken. Bless his heart! He kept telling us all night that he had broken his arm.

Here's a pic to see his wound. This was taken several hours later and after a bath, so it doesn't really do the initial wound any justice.
Later that evening he kept telling me that he wanted some wrenches. I had no idea what for, but I let him have a couple. He then told me that he needed the big glasses. I gave him the safety glasses, he put them on, grabbed his two wrenches, and headed out to Grump's truck. I was a little afraid of what he was going to do, but I waited, camera in hand, before I asked any questions. He proceeds to lay on his back and start scooting under the truck.
Here's a pic!

He continues scooting further under the truck and I ask him what he plans on doing under there. He looks at me like I was crazy, because, duh, I should have known. He says, "I building Grump's truck." Oh, so that's what he's doing! Hilarious!

Here's a pic of the building.

He comes in from the driveway and tells me that he needs to take the temperature of the tire on the 4-wheeler trailer. I assume he is talking about the air pressure. I continue to tell him over and over, while he is getting frustrated, that Grumps doesn't have a tire pressure gauge. He keeps telling me, "NO, MOM, THE TEMPERATURE!!!" I eventually ask him to show me what he's talking about and he gets on the work bench and points to the tape measure. OH!!! He wants to measure the tire.

Here he is checking out the tire.

He cracks me up with the things he comes up with. There is NEVER a dull moment with my Peanut! So if you ever need a mechanic with a "broken" arm to "build" your truck, or take the "temperature" of your tire, you know who to call!

Here's a cute pic of him taken after his bath. He was FILTHY after all his mechanical adventures!


The Seymore's said...

Where do they come up with this stuff? He reminds me so much of Lucas! Do you ever wish you could hear the things that they were thinking may be scary!!!

Melody said...

He's going to be handy like his daddy! How much fun will they have together building things! :)