Thursday, July 17, 2008

End of Week 1 - BB 10

So what did you think about Brian getting voted out of the house? Adam and I really liked him at first until he started trying to make alliances with EVERYONE. If he would have stuck with his original two alliances (Dan and Ollie, and with Jerry), he probably could have won the game. But NO, he had to go and get cocky and screwed it all up. I guess we can just hope that they bring back a houseguest that has already been kicked off, like they have in previous seasons!

Also, I was NOT happy about Jessie winning HOH! What's up with that? I DO NOT like him. My predictions on who he will put on the block are either Renny and Dan, or Steven and Dan. What do y'all think? I know there are several of my friends that read my blog and none of you have commented on my BB posts. I want to know what y'all think! Hint, Hint...Forbes, Amber, and Andrea. I don't know who else watches, but if you do, let me know what your opinion is on who will be going up on the block.


The Forrest Family said...

Okay Okay!! I can take a hint. Why is there always a group of guys on Big Brother that get together from the beginning of the game that start acting like bad a$$e$??? i.e. The Four Horsemen... Who ARE these people? I guess that's why I watch the show. Ollie is gonna be in trouble next week when it comes out that he switched sides. It should be fun to watch him scramble.

Emily said...

Cute new blog Heather. I have been watching BB a little. Dan is sooo annoying!

By the way the Tori Spelling book..I am 3/4 done and it is ok. It's an easy read and requires no thought at all:) The price on the book is like $25. I would NOT pay that for it. Maybe from 1/2 price books or on amazon a used copy. If it weren't my friends copy, I would send it to you when I'm done!

Michelle said...

First, I LOVE your new page. It is super cute. Second, the pictures of the kiddos below are precious! Third, I have only caught one episode of BB, and it looked interesting. I guess I missed it last night. You need to let me know when it comes on!

I will be in Hatch on Sunday night!!!