Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Even MORE sleep deprived

Okay, well it's almost 2:00 in the morning and Peyton has been up again several times. I am beginning to wonder if she is having what they call "night tremors". She is a very hard sleeper at night, so this is extremely weird for her to be waking up so frequently. Anyhow, since I am up, and unable to sleep, I thought I would play on the blog for a while and try to figure out how to do some things. I am going to try to post some older pictures and maybe a slideshow just to see if I can do it!

So, here goes!

This is Peyton at Willowbend mall play area a couple of weeks ago

This is Parker at Grampa & Nanny's house Memorial Day weekend

This is Melody holding Peyton the day she came home from the hospital

This is Jonah at pool day a month or so ago

This is Me, Peyton, Andrea (aka Annie), and Claire (my Goddaughter) about a month ago

This is Claire and Parker breaking it down

This is Michelle (aka Forbes) and Brody at Brody's first birthday party

This is Alli and Chloe at the zoo in April

This is me and Cassidy at our 10 year highschool reunion

This is me and Emily in San Marcos last month

This is me and Stacy (with Charleigh in her belly!) on my birthday

I decided to post a pic of the kids and post pics of me, my BFF's, and their babies! I definitely learned a few things on my first picturing blogging experience:
1. It takes a lot longer than I thought it would
2. I have a lot to learn (the comments are supposed to be above the picture, not to the side)
3. I need to upload pics before I write the blog
4. I need to know what pics I am going to use before I write the blog
Well, I hope you all enjoy the pics!
Love you all

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