Friday, July 25, 2008

Peyton gets "Called to Duty"

Peyton begged to play computer games with her Daddy this afternoon, and this was our only solution. She absolutely loved it. I think it made her feel like a big girl. In the first picture, take a look at the milk, juice, and lamb (aka "Mammy")...she set them up that way. She is a bit OCD like her Mama! Cracks me up.

Of course...once again...the "cheese" face. The first 12 pics looked like this.
She was determined to take only "cheese" pics!
Look at her thinking she's typing like her Daddy!
"Hmmm...wonder what I should type next?"
"I am such a Daddy's girl!"
This is her new camera face that accompanies the "cheese" face. I had about 12 pics of this pose as well.

BTW, there is a reason "cheese" is always in quotations. Every time she sees the camera, she immediately makes that face, and says "Cheese!"


Andrea said...

The pout face is in these days. How very Olsen twins of her!

Michelle said...

K...Brody just came up to the computer and pointed at the picture and said Peyton. Of course, it wasn't perfect, but so cute!

Melody said...

So cute!!! The cutest "gamer" I have ever seen.