Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday CoCo Bear!

Today was Chloe's first birthday party. She is Brian and Alli's daughter; some of our BFF's. She looked precious in her birthday outfit and all the kids had a really good time at the party! I'm posting 20 pics. Hope you all enjoy.

Here's Chloe, the birthday girl! There was too much going on for me to get her full attention.
This is Jonah making sad cute! He is Pete and Mel's son; some more of our BFF's.
This is Brian with Chloe. She was SO excited about the ribbon!
Of course..."cheese" face!
Jonah decided to help open gifts, while Parker opened the toys.
Peyton in her sunglasses from her goody it!
Here's Claire in her glasses, trying to figure out what the hippo squirt thing is supposed to do.
Chloe in her birthday hat getting ready to eat her cake.
She didn't want to dig in; this is as messy as she got.
This was her smash cute, and barely even touched.Jonah got decorated by the boys. I think he looks like a little pirate!
Parker LOVED the cake. Mmmmm!
This is Trey holding CoCo. He is such a good big brother!
Parker and Claire had a blast in the bounce house. It was too hot to play outside, so it was set up in the front office.
Claire is yelling at Parker. I think he kind of freaked her out a couple of times playing too rough.
I'm thinking we may need to get one of these. It would be a great way to get him tired before nap time!
Andrea, Stacy, Mel, Alli, Me, and Andrea. Andrea and Stacy, the preggos, are glowing in the pic!
It is hard to see, but look at Adam and Pete in the background! They LOVE to do this in pictures. Hilarious!
This is Joe wearing his goody bag glasses. I think he looks pretty stylish!

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Ashley said...

Awww...I'm so sad we missed Chloe's party! We were out of town :( But, hey...I have a blog now. It's definitely still in the works because I'm technologically challenged, but it's getting there. I just love yours so much, I had to make my own!