Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Begins...

Let me start by saying that I don't have any pictures to post of Peyton's nose dive, because luckily it was only a little red, and it was fine in the morning!! Last night I got to hang out with Michelle, which was great, because it had been way TOO long! We went on a mission to Target to find me a swimsuit and had NO luck. Unless I wanted a bikini that should only be worn by a supermodel, there was nothing in my size.

Today Brody and Forbes came over for a few before she had to go get her haircut...which is precious by the way! Unfortunately Peyton was still napping, so they didn't get to play together. Parker was pretty good at playing with him, but he still has major issues with sharing.

Tonight we went to Michelle's parent's house to watch the fireworks and let the kids play! Parker had an absolute blast! It was past Peyton's bedtime, so she didn't play much...just wanted to be in her Granna's lap, eating pickles. She LOVES pickles! Not only did I get to hang out with Michelle, Justin, and Brody, but I also got to hang out with some other Hachie friends, and their kiddos, that I hadn't seen in a long while. The Sisson and Aday familes were there and so was Michelle's brother's family. I was able to get quite a few pictures...I think I am posting like 25 of them.

I don't have any good stories to tell, but I know you will all enjoy the pics! All the kids were SO cute!

Special thanks to Mike and Liz for having us all over tonight...we had a BLAST!

Hopefully I will have more cute pics to post tomorrow from our party at the Stark's house.

Love you all

On the way to Hachie, Parker wanted to wear his "Baseball Hat", and he fell asleep probably 30 seconds after he put it on...I thought it was cute!
This is beautiful Kylie Sisson!
This is Parker and Ethan...Forbe's oldest nephew.
This is my handsome little man, Brody!
This is Forbes with Addie, Jeff and Alaina's youngest daughter
This is the Sisson Family...Garrett, Madonna, and Kylie
This is Alaina with their oldest, Farren...she was unhappy at the moment because she had just been bitten by a fireant! Poor baby!
This is Parker with Michelle'e nephews...Aiden and Ethan.
Aiden and Parker were telling each other stories...SO cute!
Ethan being a silly boy!
This is cutie pie Farren...she was much happier now!
The Aday's...Jeff and Alaina
The Vaughn's...Michelle (Forbes) and Justin
Parker was a little scared of the fireworks at first, so he got up in Granna's (my mom) lap, and ate a cookie! Grandma's and cookies make EVERYTHING better!
I love this pic!! He ended up loving the fireworks...this is his WOW face! (along with a bunch of cookie crumbs)
Peyton was a little freaked out too, so she was sitting in my lap
I guess she thought her thumb would make it all better!
Brody and Forbes watching the fireworks...Brody fell asleep within 5 minutes...look at his sleepy face!
These are my attempts at taking pics of the fireworks...
it's not easy...
and they all came out blurry!
Look at her sleepy eyes!
Parker's too...they were exhausted!
She's out...didn't even last 5 minutes!
Here's both my angels PASSED out! They had such a good day!

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Michelle said...

You captured some GREAT pictures! It was so good to see you!