Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Little Lady

Peyton got her ears pierced several months ago, and I had yet to change out her earrings from the little silver balls that they were pierced with. Aunt May decided it was time for her first pair of James Avery earrings. So, we went today to purchase the cutest little pair of daisy earrings for the Bitty Princess, and I LOVE them! Thanks Aunt May! Peyton wasn't too excited about it at first. She was acting as if we were going to pierce them all over again. Then they got out the big mirror, and once she could see herself, she was happy and smiling!

This is her before we left to go to James Avery...can you tell it was a bit sunny outside?

She is posing for me through the window of her cozy coupe.

Here we go!

These are the cute little earrings! I tried to get a picture of them in her ears, but they kept coming out blurry.

Aunt May graciously let me post these pics of her and Peyton. It was lazy Sunday, so she didn't have make-up on. After she saw how cute the pics were though, she decided she'd let me post them.

Peyton gave a thank you kiss to her Aunt May for her new gift!

I can't believe my little girl is growing up so quickly! She is almost 18 months and it is flying by.

Love you all



Czarina said...

She is so big! Time flies for me and I am sure it flies for you as you see your kids grow. It must be such a great feeling seeing your kids grow and change and become the little people they are becoming! You are a great Momma and they are so blessed God gave them a mom like you.
Can't wait to see you in August!
Love you!!

The Apron Queen said...

She is a cutie. What a wonderful family you have.

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Melody said...

How sweet! She is so adorable!

Michelle said...

She is such a sweet girl! Aunt May looks great as well :o)