Thursday, July 10, 2008

Allie O. Photography

My friend from highschool, Morgan Evans, has started her own photography business, Allie O. Photography. She is AMAZING!!! I am getting Parker and Peyton's pictures taken in September when it is a little cooler.

Her website is I suggest you check her out and make an appointment! Her prices are extremely reasonable. Oh, and btw, I am not getting free pics for this or anything...I truly believe she is awesome at what she does and wanted you all to know. :)

Here are a few examples of some pics she has taken:

This is Morgan

This is her son, Landon. Isn't he precious!

I hope you all check out her website!

Love you all


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johnnamarie96 said...

I'm SO excited you have a blog! You are on my favorites list now! The kiddo's are so cute! And I'm going to check out your friend's website b/c Gage turns 1 next month. I need new pictures!