Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Few Answers

Although yesterday was a pretty crappy day, I was able to get a few answers. I have gastritis, which is bleeding and inflammation of the stomach lining. They also found some spots on my colon; they removed them for biopsy. I won't get the biopsy results back until sometime next week. Hopefully it's nothing!

I also have to go for another test this week. I am not sure exactly what the test entails. It is called a gastric emptying test and I have to eat eggs that are covered in radioactive material. It is supposed to show how my stomach empties food.

The doctor gave me lots of nasty pictures of my insides, along with prescriptions for 4 medications. Wow! I sent all of my girlfriends a picture of the medications, and Cassidy told me I was officially an old woman. I may need to start carrying an extra purse just for my pill bottles!


The Forrest Family said...

Wow! Hopefully the medication will get you back on track.

Ashley said...

Thank goodness you finally have some answers! Keep us updated!

Natalie said...

I hope things get better! I'm sorry to hear about all of that. Thanks for the comments on my post! I need to get your email address!

The Seymore's said...

I'm glad you at least got a few answers! Hopefully your biospy will return with only positive results...I am still praying.

Will I be seeing you Friday night still?