Friday, August 29, 2008

Lucky eats Gold!

You know your dog is truly fat when you dole out over $100 on food for her for a MONTH!

Let me explain.

One morning last week when I took Lucky out to potty, she was urinating blood. Not good! I got her in to see the Vet that afternoon. They got a sample from her and could tell immediately that it was a bladder infection. They took blood from her to test for the bladder infection and for anything else that she might have. The total bill ended up being almost $300 and I came home with a 14 day supply of antibiotics.

A few days later her Vet calls. Not good news!! Not only does she have a severe bladder infection and pancreatitis, but she is also severely overweight, which is caused from hypothyroidism.

Adam went today after work to pick up all of her new medication and her new food. That was another $200. She is now taking 3 medications; the antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, and thyroid medication. She is also on a special prescription diet food, which must be made of gold, because of how expensive it is, that she has to eat for 30 days.

She goes back to see the Vet when all of the gold is gone. They will do more blood work and check her weight. If Lucky has lost weight and her blood work is clear of infection, she can return to eating normal food, although it will be "weight management" food! She will most likely remain on the thyroid medication the rest of her life.

I really hope that everything works out, because there is NO way we can afford to spend $100 a month on her food. I love my Fatty to death, but we can't continue to feed her gold! Me and my family eating is much more important! Don't you think?!?!

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