Monday, August 4, 2008

What an Imagination!!!

Parker has been playing pretend since he was about 18 months. His imagination started very early, and gets more and more vivid everyday!

Parker has had an imaginary friend for about 6 months now. At first, Pablo (the friend) would only show up when we were playing outside. When I asked where Pablo lived, Parker said, "on the front porch." In the past month or so, Pablo has decided to start living in our house. He has made several appearances, but not on a frequent basis. That is, until today!

Andrea and Claire were over all day today. We all sat down to eat lunch, and as usual, Parker fought me almost the whole time. He ended up getting underneath his chair. I could hear him mumbling to himself, and when I asked him what he was doing, he responded, "I am playing with my friend." Alrighty then! After lunch it was nap time and since we had company, Parker fought me on his nap as well. I had to go in several times to put him back in bed and he told me repeatedly he was playing with his friend.

Anyway, tonight after bath, I lotioned Parker down as I always do. As soon as I finished rubbing him down, he told me that his friend needed lotion too! So I asked him where his friend was and I had to pretend to put lotion on Pablo as well.

I love that he has an imagination, but I have to admit, that for some reason, the imaginary friend sometimes freaks me out a little bit! Do any of your kids have an imaginary friend? Sometimes it makes me wonder if it means he needs more attention, more friends to play with, or if it is completely normal. Somebody PLEASE tell me that this is completely normal and I have no reason to worry!

Oh, and I just remembered something else from today! Before bath tonight, for about 20 minutes, Parker was a cat! I had the pack-n-play set up in our room for Claire to take her nap in, and I hadn't taken it down yet. He climbed in the pack-n-play, got on all fours and started meowing! Thought some of you might get a kick out of that!

Love you all and hope you had a great weekend!


Ashley said...

Well, I worked at a daycare for 6 years in college and LOTS of the kiddos around Parker's age had imaginary friends. From what I understand, this is completely normal. Landon has something in common with Parker now...he won't eat ANYTHING! He is living off of cheese and fruit snacks! It's driving me crazy! Any tips you've tried to get the child to eat?????

Joshjohnnaben said...

I can't wait for that silly stuff! hahahah your family is precious!

Anonymous said...

With 5 kids, mine like to play "let's imagine I am alone". It's all precious though.