Friday, August 29, 2008

Prayer Please!

Cassidy found out that she is going to have another procedure done. As I wrote in a previous post, Cassidy was diagnosed with Cervical Dysplasia. On August 19th they went in and did a biopsy of the cells on her cervix. She was informed yesterday that the findings were not what they wanted to see. They didn't give her a very good explanation of what that means; the nurse she spoke with was a little unprofessional, to say the least.

She goes on September 9th for her pre-op work and maybe she will be able to find out more then. Her surgery is on September 11th. It is called a LEEP procedure. The surgery itself will only take about 20 minutes, but she will have to undergo full anesthesia. If the surgery is successful, it will have removed all of her precancerous cells. That's what we're hoping for!! She will have to follow-up with the doctor every 3-6 months for a few years, but that's all worth it, if it means her body is clear of all the cells.

Please pray for Cassidy that she will have great results with this surgery. Please pray that her nerves won't get the best of her in the upcoming weeks. Please pray that once this surgery is complete, her body will be rid of the cells forever.

Thank you and love you all!

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Cassidy said...

Thank you soo much!! I appreciate you!! Love ya!