Saturday, August 2, 2008

Must Wear Shoes

I received an e-mail from Andrea tonight that I thought I would pass on in a post. I am the world's worst at letting my kids play outside barefoot. This story will definitely make me think twice about sending them out without shoes on! Here's the e-mail that was sent to her:

Hi everyone, I am sending this to all my friends and family, whether you have a child now, in the future or just know people with children.

This week at daycare, Jacob was outside with his class running through a sprinkler for the water play portion of their week. They were playing on a grassy area, but it was very close to their parking lot. It was a very hot day and unfortunately, Jacob stepped out on the pavement and got second degree burns on the bottom of both of his feet. His right foot retained the blister, which is good, and is doing pretty well, but his left foot started bleeding and was burned pretty bad up near his toes. He is doing okay. Not walking very well but getting there. He is bearing weight on his right foot and only on the heel of his left foot. We're changing dressings a few times a day and keeping them well padded. We have an appt. with a plastic surgeon who specializes in burns on Monday to make sure it is healing well and there is no permanent damage.

I tell you all this because I am asking, no begging, you to please make sure your children never walk around outside without shoes on, especially on hot days. There are obviously some issues with our daycare that we are addressing, but if your child is in daycare and they have water play times, please make sure they mandate water shoes.

Thanks for reading and please spread the word to anyone you care about.

Take care,

This is pretty scary! Hopefully this e-mail will help prevent any of your kiddos from getting burns on their feet!


Emily said...

Poor thing. I'm glad you shared will make me think next time we play outside!
I just placed Blog Makeover with Shauna...your is just so cute...I need some help with was time for a redo:)

Czarina said...

Hey Heather,
At his age, imaginary friends are very normal! He should grow out of it in the next year or so (he's 4 right?). No if Adam starts developing an imaginary friend named Pablo....I'd be concerned :-)