Thursday, August 14, 2008

Future Photographer

Parker and I both had our appointments today. I went in this morning for the HIDA scan. Unfortunately, I won't know anything until tomorrow. They weren't able to tell me anything at the testing center. I meet with the surgeon tomorrow at 2:30. Let's say some prayers that I will finally get some answers!

Parker's appointment with the ENT went awesome! He got 100% on his hearing test. After a long look in his ears, Dr.Vora discovered that his left tube was completely gone and his right tube was just floating around inside his ear canal. He was actually surprised that they had stayed in as long as they had. Most of the time, the tubes only stay in about a year; Parker's stayed in at least 18 months.

The cause for all the pain in his right ear is due to the tube floating around in the canal. While floating, it can hit the ear drum. When and if anything hits your ear drum, it causes a stabbing pain. Dr. Vora said that we no longer have to use ear plugs in his ears because the tubes are out, and the water will help to flush the floating tube out of the canal.

Of course, while we were there, I had to take out the camera to get some pics. Well, Parker decided that he needed the camera to keep him occupied while we waited for the doctor. I was able to get a couple of pics, and then Parker took over.

He's getting ready for his hearing test!

Lookin' cute in the "big boy" chair!

So handsome!
Here's where Parker takes over... He started snapping pics of Adam, so of course, Adam had to pose!
So weird!
Don't ask!Started snapping around the room
Here's the light
No idea
More randomness
Of course, he had to get one of Mama!
Dr. Vora was very surprised that Parker was ACTUALLY taking a picture!
Here's a foot shot!
Anybody need to know the anatomy of the ear?

Sorry for the random pics! It just cracks me up that he actually knew how to take pictures with the camera. He took a total of 75 pictures. Aren't you glad I didn't post all of them?!?!
Love you all!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

75 pics? That is ALOT of pictures! I sometimes catch Bubbalu (20 mo) playing with my camera, too bad he never gets a decent shot...

Michelle said...

Glad to hear Parker is doing well! Now we just have to fix Mom!