Saturday, August 9, 2008

Prayer Please

First of all, let me give you all a quick update on my stinkin' gallbladder. At about 2 in the morning on Friday, I started throwing up and having other not so nice bodily functions. I was awake pretty much all night dealing with all that. I went to my PCP Friday morning and she referred me to a gallbladder surgeon/specialist. I went to see the specialist at 3:00 and she is almost certain it is gallbladder disease.

The sonogram that was done in the Waxahachie ER was not valid, so I then had to go to the ER in Rockwall to get another sonogram. Now that we have valid blood work and a valid sonogram, the surgeon will call me Monday morning to set up a HIDA scan. The scan will see where the gallbladder has a dysfunction, and determine whether or not I will need surgery. Depending on where there is a dysfunction, it may be able to be treated with medication.

So, that is where we stand on that. I will give y'all another update after I meet with the surgeon. Adam and Aunt May were awesome yesterday! Thank y'all!!! Aunt May stayed with the kids all day and Adam toted me around everywhere. I am feeling better now, other than the PAIN! I haven't thrown up since yesterday morning and I was given nausea and pain medicine yesterday. I was able to sleep 14 hours, which was AMAZING! Enough about me though...I have some special prayer requests!!

My BFF, Cassidy, from forever ago, is having some medical issues right now that have really freaked us all out! She went in for her normal annual and they found that she has Cervical Dysplasia. Although she cannot feel pain or symptoms from this illness, it is a precancerous condition. She will be going in on August 19th for further testing. Please pray for Cassidy that she will have good test results and that her disease can easily be healed. Please also pray that Cassidy can have reassurance and strength during this time. For all that know her, she is a very nervous person, so also pray that she can feel some calmness throughout all the craziness.

My second prayer request is for Shauna, her family, and her sister, Randi. Randi is going through a lot right now in her personal life, which you can read about on her blog. If you click on her name, that is highlighted above, it will take you to her website. Please pray for strength for Randi and Shauna to get through this difficult time. By visiting Randi's website, you can get information on how to send her something inspirational if you feel the need to do so.

Cassidy said something in an e-mail she sent out that I truly believe in 100%. She said, "I believe in the power of prayer." Prayer can make a difference in so many people's lives! So, please pray for Cassidy, Shauna, their families, and continue to pray for Jeff and his family! Thank you so much!

I love you all!

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The Seymore's said...

Goodness Heather, I hope that everything goes well. Keep me posted and I will keep on praying!