Friday, August 15, 2008

I mean...SERIOUSLY?!?!

Ok, so today I went and met with my surgeon at 2:30. She informed me that although there was sludge in my gallbladder, it is the kind that will sluff off. Therefore, my gallbladder is fine! Are you kidding me? I was so anxious about my appointment today because I thought I would FINALLY be getting an answer. Heck NO!

After the tests that she did, and from all of my symptoms, she thinks that I have an intestinal disease of some sort. She is sending me to another specialist. I go see him on Monday at 2:30. I am sure he will have to run more tests. That means, in the mean time, I will still have PAIN, nausea, and the other very fun bodily function!

The surgeon said that she didn't want to give me anything for the pain. One, because it really didn't help me the first time she gave it to me; Two, because if it is intestinal disease, pain killers can upset it even more. Lovely!

I was so upset y'all! I just knew she was going to have the answer to my problems and this would all come to an end. I was almost in tears as I left her office.

On my way home, I had to stop by Target and pick up a birthday gift for Landon. As I am in line checking out, I get a call from my mom, who is at home with the kids. She is frantic! She proceeds to tell me, "Peyton is throwing up. I can't get her to stop. It is all over her. All over me. All over the house!" OH NO!!!!

Thank goodness I was checking out. I told her I'd be home in a few and called Adam to tell him to head on home. When I walked in the house, I was nearly knocked over by the smell! It was awful!! Luckily the house wasn't as bad as my mom made it sound on the phone. My mom and Peyton were both in need of baths, so I took Peyton and got her bathed, while my mom took care of herself.

Then it was cleaning time!!! I went CRAZY with the Lysol. Had a whole load of towels to do. Had to strip the cushion off the couch. Steam cleaned the carpet. Got out the Clorox wipes and went to town with them on EVERYTHING. I was a mad woman, but I am terrified of Parker getting it too!

Poor Peyton looked absolutely miserable. It nearly broke my heart. She had a low grade fever, so we gave her some Motrin. I fixed her a glass of Pedialyte, which she didn't care for too much. Adam brought home some clear Gatorade, so I mixed the two and she loved it! She drank like she hadn't had anything to drink in days! She drank 3 small glasses of it and was able to hold it down! Shortly after, it was bedtime, and she went down without a fight.

She has been sound asleep since I put her down. So far, so good! I have the monitor turned up HIGH, just in case she gets sick again in her sleep. I am going to check her before I go to bed to make sure her fever hasn't spiked. I'm hoping it was just a 24 hour bug. I don't think it was anything as bad as the Rota virus, because she was able to hold down her liquid, and didn't have any poo to go along with the vomit. Let's hope so anyway!

I really hope your day WASN'T as exciting as mine!!! Love you all!


Michelle said...

That sounds like an AWFUL day! I was for sure thinking they would be taking your gall bladder today. What in the world is an intestinal disease? That doesn't sound any better!

I am so sorry about Peyton! Our household had that lovely virus three times this year. You just make sure and wash your hands after EVERYTHING. The tricky thing about that virus is it is contagious for a while!

Good luck with everything today. Call when you get a chance!

Emily said...

Poor you.. and poor little Peyton. I hope you get some answers soon, I hate it when you know somehting is wrong, but no one knows how to help you.

I hope Peyton is feeling better. Nothing worse than a sick baby...especially throwing up. Been there done that. Hoping it is short lived and doesn't spread to everyone else;)

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Aw man, Heather, that is horrible! I'll say a prayer for poor Peyton. Lorelai had RV and it was so painful to watch. But, thankfully Peyton kept down the liquid. That is a great sign!!!!

btw, nice comment on my blog, you had me laughing!

Beaded Banners by Bonnie said...

I really feel for you with the pain and nausea and lack of diagnosis. Email me at and I can fill you in on what I have gone through for 2 years and what the outcome is (yes, am having my gallbladder out next month) and how it was discovered (on MY insistence!).

Bonnie, from near Pittsburgh, PA