Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nona is Home!

My mother-in-law, Robbin, has been out of town a lot for various reasons over the last couple of months. She has to travel A LOT for work, so it is common for her to be gone for at least a week out of every month, but she has been gone for almost ALL of June, July, and the beginning of August. That being said, we have really missed our Nona, especially the kids! They were SO excited to see her when she got to the house today. Peyton would not let her leave her sight!

Nona brought us some surprises from her trips, and I got the best one of all, which you will see in the very last picture! THANKS NONA!

Here is Nona and Parker...he's all ready for night night!

He's pretending to play games on her cell phone.

I couldn't decide which pic I liked the most, so here is another one of Robbin and Parker.

She bought Parker a bell for one of his favorite toys.

The bell makes a GREAT addition to his tricycle!

This is Parker's new tooth fairy pillow.

This is Peyton's new fairy doll.Isn't she pretty?
I LOVE this dress!!! I can't wait until Peyton can wear it!
This is the detailing on the smock of the dress.
AND THIS IS THE BEST GIFT OF ALL...FOR ME!!!! For anybody that knows me, they know I LOVE koozies. This is a koozie, with a handmade cover on it that has my initial! Pretty cool, huh? You know you all want one!!!


Michelle said...

Robbin always gets the best goodies!

Andrea said...

I love the little turtle cute! Nona, where's my present?