Friday, August 1, 2008

Out and About

This week has been an extremely busy week. I left for Hachie on Tuesday because we had family coming into town for my Great Uncle's funeral. The visitation was Tuesday evening in Ennis and the funeral was on Wednesday. My family headed home on Thursday and I didn't leave my parent's until today.

Thursday evening we decided to go try a new restaurant that opened in Cedar Hill, called Matt's. It was Mexican food and was VERY good. To me, all enchiladas and fajitas are the same, so I base a good Mexican food restaurant on their chips and hot sauce. Matt's were awesome! For those of you that live close, you need to go check out the new outside mall. It is very nice! It's very similar to Firewheel, which is by my house.

Anyway, here are some pics that I took as we were leaving the restaurant. The kids were all wound up and Grumps bought them candy.

Mom, Aunt May, and Dad...Brothers and Sisters are never too old to pick on each other!
That's much better!
She loved her green frog tasted like apple!
Such a cutie!
My handsome man!
Believe it or not, he wanted to take this funny!

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Andrea said...

I love me some Aunt May and some gummy frogs too...mmmmm...