Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pumbaa sure can make kids happy!

As we entered Wal-Mart today, there was a Pumbaa ride right inside the door. Parker LOVES to ride those silly things, so I fished some quarters out of my mom's wallet, and let both the kids have a ride. Parker had a blast, and Peyton was having fun too, until a man walked up to use a pay phone nearby. You would have thought he was trying to take her. Her mood immediately changed and she scowled at him the rest of the time. Here's a few pics!

This is before the "SCARY" man showed up!
Can you tell he LOVED it?
This is after "SCARY" man...she cracks me up!
He is such a cutie!

I would have taken a pic of Scary man, but I don't think he would have appreciated it. In all honesty, he really did look a little scary, but Peyton had nothing to worry about.

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Andrea said...

Did you kind of match their outfits on purpose? They look so cute!