Monday, June 29, 2009

Kemah Aquarium

After Parker got his fill of the amusement park, Mimi & Papa left to go check on Granny, and the rest of us headed to the aquarium. The main aquarium is also a restaurant and you have to go up several flights of stairs to get to the top. The entire way up, through the middle of the stairs, was an extremely tall fish tank. It was beautiful!

Once you get to the top, which is the restaurant part, is where the giant tank is. It was full of HUGE fish, sharks, an eel that I swear was 6 feet long, and stingrays. So cool! The kids absolutely LOVED it!

I took lots of pictures, but because of the lighting, they all turned out blue. So, unfortunately, I only have a few to show you.

After we saw the main aquarium, we headed back downstairs to the other side of the building, which is a stingray exhibit. Peyton decided she would rather get a ball from the gift shop than go see the stingrays, so Grumps took Parker in by himself. Parker loved it. He got to pet the stingrays and feed them fish!

When we left Kemah, we were all pretty hungry, so we headed to Bay City, in search of a restaurant that we used to love. We had heard that Clifton's had closed down, but we had to make sure for ourselves. Luckily, it was still open!! We all ordered a lunch special and it was absolutely delicious. It even came with dessert; I chose the chocolate cake!

Here's Bitty in a great mood, looking at the fish! She was mesmerized!
You can't really tell by this picture, but this fish was HUGE!!
While we were there, a man came into the water, in full scuba gear, with canisters full of fish. It was so cool to see him feed all the sea life!!
One of the stingrays

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