Thursday, June 11, 2009

MORE Water Fun!!

Today I blew up the other pool that was given to Parker for his birthday. It provided hours of fun for the kids this morning and afternoon!

I took a few pictures, but there is also a video. The video is pretty long for a blog video, but I did a LOT of splicing to get it to 3 minutes. It was over 9 minutes of video to begin with! I think the video turned out pretty precious.

Parker has the most vivid imagination of any child I have ever met! He is always making up stories and telling me about his "friends" and what they did that day. At the very beginning of the video, Parker is telling me about one of his "friends".

If you can't hear it on the video, here is what he told me: "I call my little ant boy & he's supposed to see me & he's a boy & he's my best friend!" OKAY! Whatever you say Buddy!

When the video fades back in for the second part, you will notice that Peyton has started to play along with Parker and all of his imaginary tales. She starts calling for "ant boy"! They crack me up!

Also, listen closely when I ask Peyton what color the fish is on her bathing suit. Her accent is going to be just as Texan as mine. She says "paank", instead of pink. I tried to get her to say it again, but she said it so low that you can barely hear it on the video. Both of the kids have taken on my twang!

Here's Peanut on the slideI thought her little hiney looked so cute in this suit!

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