Friday, June 19, 2009

Lunch with Daddy

On Tuesday, I was ready to get out of the house, so we loaded up and went downtown. The kids and I met Adam and his work group for lunch at Jason's Deli. YUMMY!!

The kids ate pretty well, so they were able to have ice cream for dessert. Believe it or not, they didn't even get that messy. Well, other than the fact that Peyton got tomato all over the WHITE hem of her pretty dress. I spot treated it pretty well, so I am hoping that it comes out!

After lunch, we weren't quite ready to go home, so we drove to the World Trade Center to go see Aunt May. I didn't call her until we were in the parking lot, and needless to say, she was pretty darn excited to see us!

Aunt May's best friend and co-worker, Susie, also had some visitors. Her daughters, Meredith and Mallory, went to see their mom after they went to the aquarium. It was great to see the girls! I have known them literally since they were born, but hardly ever get to see them.

I took a lot of pictures while I was there, but for some really strange reason, when I uploaded all the pics from my camera, they weren't there. There was only ONE picture from Aunt May's office, and it isn't even a good one! I was very bummed, because I took some really cute ones of Susie and the girls.

Here's some pictures from our Tuesday outing!

Parker enjoying his ice cream cone!
Shawn liked his too!
Parker & Adam
Bitty ate it very delicately!
Doesn't he look guilty?!?!
She was pushing around her high chair
Adam's work group: Kevin, Jim, Adam, Shawn....Adam wasn't being a very good sport!

This is the one and only picture from the visit with Aunt May. At least it's cute of Peyton!

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Andrea said...

I love their matching green outfits. So cute!