Monday, June 29, 2009

Kemah Boardwalk

We spent a day in Kemah while we were down South. It's a little town outside of Houston, that's on the ocean. It was hit really badly by the hurricanes a couple of years ago, pretty much destroying everything that was near the water.

Kemah is known for several things, but mainly it's boardwalk. The boardwalk used to look very old fashioned, but since it was destroyed completely, they have redone the entire area. It is SO awesome!!

Not only does it have several rides, including a train that goes around all the property, but it has tons of restaurants, shops, and an awesome aquarium! I think Parker had the best time out of anyone. He got to ride the train, an airplane, the carousel, and the ferris wheel. Woo hoo!!

Peyton only attempted one ride, which was the train, and cried almost the entire time. I don't know if it was actually the train she was upset about, or the fact that she rubbed sunscreen in her eyes. Her poor eyes were completely blood shot and running like faucets.

As soon as she got off the train, we took her to the bathroom, and I rinsed them out really well with water. I also washed her hands and face really well, so she wouldn't end up rubbing more lotion in her eyes. Once I got her eyes flushed out, and they stopped burning, she was acting like a totally different child. Bless her little heart! They had to have been burning like fire!

Despite the stifling heat and awful humidity, it turned out to be a great day. I'm really glad we went, and Parker had the chance to ride some big boy rides. He was so happy and proud; it made me melt to see the huge smile on his precious face!

My big boy!!
Mimi and Peyton waiting in line for the train.
Granna, Parker, Peyton, & Mimi. Can you see how upset Bitty was?!?!
Grumps, Papa, and I met the train at one of the crossings. Isn't the property gorgeous?
Broke my heart when they passed. She was screaming, "MAMA!!!!"
Parker waving "hi" to me from his airplane
He thought it was amazing!!
Go, Parker, Go!!
The carousel was beautiful. It was 2 stories and all the hand-painted details were gorgeous!
Parker chose to ride on the top deck!
Here we are getting ready to go on the ferris wheel
"Hi, Granna!!"

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Michelle said...

Um, Peyton looks ADORABLE! Love the pic of you and Parker waiting for the wheel!