Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yesterday, after their watercolor fun, the kids needed to be rinsed off before I would let them into the house. What better way to rinse off than by running through the sprinkler in your undies/diaper?!?!

For some reason, they thought this was the best thing ever! They laughed and ran the entire time the water was running. I loved it!

Peyton normally doesn't want any water spraying in her face, but for some odd reason, this didn't bother her at all. Not that I am complaining by any means. I was just pretty shocked!

The kids were still rinsing off/playing in the sprinkler when Adam drove up from work. I thought he had thrown a beach ball out of his window when he pulled up, but apparently it had drifted into our yard, just as he was pulling into the driveway. It was so strange!

Running through the water!
LOVE this picture! I didn't notice this until today, but if you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can see the beach ball in the street, behind Parker. It just so happened to make it to our yard at the exact same time Adam drove up!
He loves running through the water, but hates for it to get in his eyes
Bitty was starting to get brave
There she goes!
Parker with the magic beach ball!
Loving it!
Posing for me

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