Friday, June 19, 2009

Park with Nona

Wednesday is usually spent with the Crabtree's, but they were unavailable this week, so we went and hung out with Nona. She took us to an awesome park in Coppell. The kids had SO much fun! The best thing about the park, is that 75% of it is completely shaded. It made it comfortable and I didn't have to worry about the kids getting sun burned!

After having a blast at the park, we headed back to Nona's house for lunch. After the kids and I filled our bellies, we headed back home for nap. Parker & Peyton don't tend to nap very well at their Nona's. Well, to be honest, Parker will hardly ever nap anywhere but home, and the only other place that I can get Peyton to nap on occasion, is Granna & Grump's house.

They were pretty pooped from playing so hard, so they took a pretty decent nap. Thank goodness! I was worn out too. There's just something about this Summer heat that will wear you out!

Parker trying to climb one of the chain ladders
Riding in the race car!
Peyton & Nona on one of the bridges
Getting ready to slide!
So sweet!
He looks so grown up!
Sliding down the big slide! Look at that precious smile!
At one point during play time, Parker had to go potty. So, we headed over to the picnic area to use the restroom. There were a lot of birds flying around and Nona suggested that we feed them some snacks. The kids thought that was an awesome idea! They threw out several goldfish for the birds and enjoyed watching them eat their snacks.

Birdy #1
Birdy #2

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Andrea said...

That park looks awesome. I wish we could have gone. Maybe next time.