Tuesday, June 30, 2009


For anyone who has never lived in the country, y'all might think this is a little weird.

Uncle David lives in a pretty country area, surrounded by a LOT of trees and woods. They have always had a ton of wildlife visit them in their backyard. There has been several kinds of birds, squirrels, deer, raccoons, and even a bobcat!

Attached to the back of his house, Uncle David has a huge sun room, that looks out to the backyard. Right outside of the huge windows, is a picnic table. A couple of years ago, he started putting out dog food every night on his picnic table, to feed the animals. He was very curious to see what he would attract and which animals would be brave enough to come so close to the house.

Not long after putting out the food, families of raccoons started showing up every night to enjoy their midnight snack. He told me that some nights there would be as many as 7 out there all at once!

Well, while we were visiting, a couple of the raccoons showed up for their snack. I was so excited to see them! I tried SO hard to take pictures through the glass, but hardly any of them turned out. I even snuck outside, through the front door, down the side of the house, to the backyard to try and get a shot. Heck no! I scared them so bad, I didn't think they'd ever come back.

So anyway, here are a couple of the pictures that I took. I tried to edit them so you could at least the raccoons a little bit. They turned out super blurry though.

The one on the right was hilarious! She kept sitting up on her hind legs to eat. At one point, she stood up tall on her back legs to look at something, and I think she was about 2 feet tall. So cute!!
This was the first one that showed up. He was sneaking in, slowly taking piece by piece off the table, until he was brave enough to get on top.

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Michelle said...

He, He! Glad they were in his yard and not mine! Cute...