Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trying out the Lake Pool

There is a "neighborhood" pool located on the grounds where my parents bought their lake lot. We decided to take the kids swimming for a bit before we cooked some delicious burgers for dinner.

Peyton's floating device didn't work too well and pulled her face-first into the water. It was NOT a good thing! She was terrified to get in the pool after that, so she hung out on the lounge chairs with Granna most of the time.

Parker wasn't real sure about the pool either, but he still had a blast! He would jump to me and let me swim with him on my back. He just didn't want to be out in the middle of the pool by himself.

Luckily the kids are getting their first swim lessons this summer. One of my dearest friends, Emily, used to give swim lessons for extra money when she was in college. She volunteered to let me and the kids come to her house and she would give them lessons for free. Woo hoo!! I am hoping to get them done before the 4th of July, because we always attend the Stark's annual pool party.

I got some pretty funny pictures of the kids. Actually, the funny ones are of Peyton. Be ready to laugh!! The goggles she wanted to wear distorted her poor face into someone unrecognizable!

Parker wanted to wear his swim trunks under his floating suit. They looked hilarious crumpled up underneath the spandex!
Poor Bitty! She will kill me for taking these pictures one day!
Bless her heart. It doesn't even look like her, does it?!!?
He looks so precious here!
She was done! It was time to go eat!

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Ashley said...

Ummm...those goggles are hilarious! I'm so excited about our annual pool party! Can't wait to see everybody! Still debating whether or not to send the girls elsewhere so I can actually have fun...