Sunday, May 3, 2009

Czarina & Craig's Couples Shower

Saturday night Adam and I attended a couple's shower for Craig & Czarina. It was SO much fun!!

Czarina is 32 weeks now, so it was the perfect time to start stocking her & Tedina up with lots of baby goodies! She got a lot of the essentials, plus a few special things for the nursery. I think she had a great turnout and she still has another shower coming up. Czarina will definitely be ready to go by the time Baby H. arrives!!

Let me explain why I am calling the baby Tedina. They haven't decided on a name for baby girl just yet, so we have combined Craig and Czarina's names and have been calling the baby Tedina. The guys have always called Craig, "Ted", so that's where it comes from.

I can assure you that the names they have it narrowed down to are WAY better than Tedina!! Well, I am sure the guys would disagree, but I have told y'all several times that they are NOT normal!

The Beautiful Couple Me & Stacy
We played a game where you had to make a baby out of PlayDoh, and Craig and Czarina got to choose the best baby. It was hilarious!! These are all the "babies!"
Czarina holding the winner!
Andrea and her "baby"...we called it the Blair Witch was awful!!
The winning baby! It was Adam's!
I was presenting Craig with his Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox
There was a ribbon that said, "Dad to Be"
He's reading the rules for How to Change a Diaper!
Wearing the goggles!
Charleigh Ray had a blast at the shower!!
This was supposed to be a pic of Silvana, Andrea, Andrea, and Cristal...see what I mean?...not normal!!
Alli made the best little looked like was baby wash clothes and a finger puppet!
Craig was modeling the funny onesies that Alli made!!

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Anonymous said...

ah, ya'll look like you have so much fun, to be young again. Love the pic of Adam trying to be one of girls, LOL!
Heather, do you ever talk to Morgan the photographer friend of yours. I've left 2 msg. for her,but haven't heard from her. I did talk to her a while back, but then mal had her wreck, and then one thing after another. Or can you tell me her web address? thanks, sooz :)