Saturday, May 2, 2009

White Trash Walking

Y'all are going to die when you see these pictures!!

Let me explain.

Aunt May has started something with the kids that I'm sure she has come to regret, but still does anyway. Every week when we go to Waxahachie, as soon as she gets over to Mom's house, she always takes the kids for a walk. Most of the time it is before dinner, but yesterday, they decided they wanted to walk after we ate.

Well, I had already stripped them down to their skimmies and thrown their clothes in the washing machine, because Mom was about to start a load. The only other clothes I had with me were their good clothes, and I wasn't allowing the kids to dirty them up just to go on a walk. I know, I'm anal, but I have enough darn laundry to do!!

So, Aunt May went rummaging through the laundry basket of the kid's old clothes that is in my mom's laundry room. She couldn't find anything for Parker other than Winter jammies, and it was too hot for those. She found what looked like a shirt for Peyton, but no bottoms. They came out looking like absolute WT to go on their walk! It was hilarious!!

Luckily I don't really know anyone who lives in my mom's neighborhood, because I would have been mortified if someone had seen them walking around like that without an explanation!


Here's Peyton in her "shirt", no pants, and tennis shoes!

Wanna know why I put quotations around shirt? Because it wasn't a shirt at all!! It was a dress from when she was an infant...size 3 months!
This is how Parker went walking...just undies and tennis shoes!
That is pure love from their Aunt May!! She wasn't embarrassed at all to take them out like that!

Hope you all enjoyed the hysterical pictures! There is never a dull moment with my kiddos!


Melody said...


Michelle said...

That is greatness! You gotta love Aunt May!

Ashley said...

ummmm...that is hilarious!

Jenny, Jon and Lucas said...

I am for sure cracking up right now. The 3m dress/shirt was the best. At least they had on shoes!! :)

Andrea said...

I am laughing my butt off right now. I don't know what's worse, the 3 month sized dress on the 2 year old or Parker's indecent exposure?!