Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kids LOVE dirt!

When we got back to Granna's house after a long day of getting my glasses, the kids decided they wanted to play with their new Dollar Tree toys. There is a patch of dirt on the side patio where Grumps had to pull up some bushes, so the kids decided they were going to dig there!

What is it with kids LOVING dirt?!!? If it hadn't have been time for bath and jammies, I think they could have played out there for hours!

He has his foot on the shovel like Daddy does! Trying to rake up his mess!
"CHEESE!" His fake smile is a little more realistic than Peyton's!
She's wearing a new necklace from one of Aunt May's friends. It has a "P" on it with diamonds. She loved it! Thanks Brenda!
Watering the bushes!
I don't know why he is giving his guilty look!

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Michelle said...

Super cute pics and super cute dress on Peyton. Where did you get that?