Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Lash Outs

I can't believe I was actually able to go see my hubby's band twice in one week. I hardly ever get to go to shows anymore, so it was a treat! I went last Saturday, while Nona watched the kids...thanks Nona! I also got to go on Thursday, while the kids stayed with Granna and Grumps...thanks to y'all too!

They played some great sets and I also got to see a few of my friends that I never get to see! Fun times!

The Lash Outs Where they played on Thursday
Me & Chelsea - look how big my head looks next to her's!
Me & Stacy - she is Brian and Joey's sister, but a friend of mine as well, that I hardly ever get to see!
Quinn & Chelsea - they are a trip!

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