Saturday, May 9, 2009

Past Few Days

A lot has gone on the past few days and I forgot my memory card for my camera! I left it in my laptop on accident and didn't realize it until I started to take pictures and my camera said the memory was full. Since I have it on the highest settings, the camera will only hold 2 pictures in it's memory. I was SO bummed!!

We ended up going to Hachie on Wednesday this week because Michelle and her kids were going to be there and my grandparents were coming to town for a couple of days. I wasn't able to get together with Forbes until Thursday though, because Peyton ended up taking a late nap, and by the time she woke up it was almost dinner time.

So, Thursday morning we headed over to Forbes' mom's house and let the kids play. I got over there at the perfect time!! It was time for Kate to wake up and eat, and I got to do the job. I LOVED holding her and loving on her! It was the first time I had seen her since she was 2 days old...WAY too long!

I was also privileged enough to get to be the one that held her and played with her during her awake time. She is SO sweet and lovable!! She likes to sit up and look around at everything. I even got a couple of smiles!! She is such a beautiful baby and I am so happy I finally got to spend time with her!

Brody and Parker played so well together. They had a blast playing with train sets, blocks, balls, and Brody's scooter! Brody is a great sharer and even let Parker wear his helmet. I was shocked! My kids are NOT good sharers and Brody could have cared less if Parker played with his toys. He is such a good little polite and absolutely adorable!!

Peyton was NOT good that day! She had an awful night Wednesday night and didn't get enough sleep, so when we were there on Thursday she wanted to do NOTHING but cry and be held. It was NOT fun! I think the only time she was happy was when I was holding Kate on the couch, because she could sit next to us and love on the baby. She LOVES babies! She gave Kate several kisses and loved on her a bit. After a while though, the jealousy was starting to kick in , and she didn't like the fact that Mama was showing her attention to another little girl.

The grandparents had been in town since Wednesday, but were spending time with other family. They got over to Mom's house on Thursday just after I put the kids down for nap. We had a great visit and Mimi brought goodies for the kids! Peyton got an original Cabbage Patch doll and Parker got some cars.

I even got a little gift, which is hilarious!! I have collected turtles for forever now, so every time Mimi sees a funny one, she will get it. This one crawls along the floor and sings. It actually moves it's mouth! I played it over and over and was laughing hysterically. There is just something about the mouth!

On Friday we visited some more with my grandparents before they left, and after Peyton woke up from her nap, we headed to Nona's house. Nona hadn't had them overnight for a while, so she wanted the kids to come spend the night. The kids were SO excited! It took us an hour and a half to get there and Peyton wouldn't stop talking about it the entire way.

Adam and I got to go out last night for an awesome dinner with Smith and Andrea! We went to Cheesecake Factory and then went to Cru Wine Bar for some drinks afterwards. It was a great adult night with great friends! We needed it!

I spent most of the day today laying on the couch, catching up on sleep and my shows that I missed Wednesday and Thursday night. It was much needed therapy for me!! Adam left this morning to go watch a live radio show and play frisbee golf with the guys, so he picked up the kids on his way home. I'm not even going to lie...a day to myself on the couch is exactly what I needed for Mother's Day!! Thanks Adam and Nona!!

Adam is gone tonight for a surprise birthday party for Derek. They are having a guy's poker night. I got the kids down around 8:30 and am spending the rest of the evening fiddling on the computer. I need to get to bed early tonight because I have lots to do in the morning in preparation for everyone coming over.

We are having Mother's Day lunch/dinner at my house and I want to get some cleaning done before everyone arrives. I don't have much to do, but with the kids, it always takes double/triple the time to get anything done! Hopefully since it's Mother's Day, Adam will rally the kids for me so I can get everything done quickly!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and all the mom's have a very happy Mother's day!! I am hoping I will have some pictures to post soon. I have a couple from today of Parker's first ice
cream truck popsicle and I want to get a video of the singing turtle. Maybe I will get those posted tonight!


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Michelle said...

We had so much fun hanging with you guys! Peyton was not awful...she just wanted her mommy! Nothing wrong with that!