Sunday, May 31, 2009

Water Fun!

Aunt May came for the weekend to babysit and play with the kiddos. Adam was in a wedding this weekend for some of our good friends, Scott & Andrea, so we needed a sitter both Friday and Saturday night. Thanks Aunt May!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend, so a lot of our time was spent outside. Last year for his birthday, Parker got several water toys, but because of the condition of the backyard, we just now got them out to play with.

Last Summer, because we had laid new sod, the backyard was still very patchy. If there was even a small amount of water back there, it turned into a muddy mess. This Summer though, the grass has finally filled in, so I'm sure we will be spending the majority of our time back there.

Parker had an absolute blast playing in all the water toys! Peyton wasn't too keen on the ones that sprayed water, but ended up loving the blow-up pool. Aunt May joined in on the fun on Saturday afternoon and Adam actually got in the pool with the kids yesterday. He wouldn't let me take any pics though, because he didn't want pictures of him in a bathing suit on the blog...not that I blame him! There's NO WAY I would ever put a picture of myself on the internet in a bathing suit!

I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather! Love you all!

Here's Aunt May in the water ring with the kids LOVE this picture! Bitty was extremely cautious!
Parker wasn't at all! He loved every second of it!
Such a cutie pie!
In the pool...Bitty was taking a nap

Here's a couple of videos that I took. They aren't very long, so I hope you can take the time to watch both of them. I think they're pretty cute!

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Michelle said...

How absolutely precious! I love that pool and have to get one.