Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lake fun!

Now that my dad is officially retired (Congrats Daddy!!), my parents decided to buy a lake lot and a trailer to have stuff to do on Mom's days off and on the weekends. A couple of my dad's best buddies also have lots at Richland Chambers Lake, so they are all looking forward to having family and guy time out at the lake!

The kids and I went with Granna & Grumps out to the lake yesterday so they could show me the lot that they bought, as well as their friend's lots. Mike, Dad's buddy, has had his lot for several years now, so his is already set up with his trailer and deck, and is right on the water.

Mike and his family were going to be spending the holiday weekend there and his precious Grandson, Luke, was already there. Luke and Parker are only 1 1/2 years apart, so they had a blast together! Luke got out his fishing poles and he and Parker "fished" for about an hour.

I was shocked at how well Parker did with his casting. Within a couple of minutes, he was casting like a pro! I thought for sure he was going to get frustrated with it and give up within a couple of minutes, or end up throwing the pole into the water.

I can't wait until Mom & Dad's trailer is all set up and we can start going out there on the weekends! It is a beautiful lake and I know the kids will LOVE it out there!

Here they are fishing. Granna was helping Peyton!
Her pole didn't work to well! Parker LOVED it out there!
Parker and Luke

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Michelle said...

How sweet! You guys will make many memories out there!